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Process Control Applications

Process Control Applications

Data Track's process control & instrumentation solutions cover a wide variety of different applications. Here are some examples of the type of applications for which you could use our products:

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Temperature Control & Display

Tracker 200 series panel meters for applications requiring temperature display

Pressure & Weighing

A variety of pressure transducers, pressure transmitters or strain gauge bridges can be connected to a Tracker 211, 220, 240 or any of the 300 series.

Process Inputs

The Tracker 200 digital panel meters and 300 series DIN rail of instrumentation for the measurement of process signals.

Injection Moulding & Extrusion

You can use any Tracker in the 330 range as a PID controller for injection moulding and extrusion.

PID Control

The Tracker 331 & 332 are fully featured Auto Tuning PID controllers providing genuine single loop integrity.

Signal Re-Transmission

Isolated analogue outputs

Remote Data Acquisition

Tracker Instruments are Modbus RTU compatible for compatibility with most data acquisition software.

Alarm Outputs

Comprehensive alarm functions are built into the Tracker Instruments.

Fill & Trickle Feeder Control

The Tracker 240 digital panel meter has relay or TTL outputs for batch filling applications

Timer / Counter

The multitude of functions on a Tracker 280 make it ideal for this role.

Melt Pressure Transducers

The Tracker 250 digital panel meters for Melt Pressure Transducers used in plastic and food extrusion applications.

LVDT Transducers

Tracker 260 series for use with (AC) LVDT sensors.